Our approach to water governance

SIWI champions a holistic approach to development. Water governance is a question of who gets what water, when and how for social and economic purposes – and that also means ensuring that there is enough water for ecosystems to thrive.  SIWI promotes a people- and water-centred approach to development where water helps us achieve all the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.

  • Decision-making must be inclusive. Water governance must be broad and inclusive. The sectors that have the largest impact on water resources – like agriculture and industry – must be at the decision-making table. But it is equally important to ensure that everyone has a say in water decisions that impact them.
  • SIWI works consistently with inclusion. Our three cross-cutting issues, a human rights-based approach, gender equality and youth empowerment are mainstreamed into our work to make water governance more effective.
  • The Water Governance Framework is evidence-based. The framework has been developed by SIWI to lay the foundation for a more evidence-based approach to water governance. The SIWI methodology for water governance is built on this approach.

SIWI works with water governance across borders.  SIWI is a leading expert on transboundary water cooperation where countries jointly manage a shared water resource. We are trusted, impartial advisors who help parties create institutions based on evidence and transparency.