RAMP is leading industry transformation towards responsible antibiotics manufacturing to reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

The Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform, RAMP, is operating to create new incentives based on criteria that define responsible manufacturing. Pioneers from the antibiotics manufacturing industry have joined forces with the most forward-thinking buyers and regulators to reduce emissions from antibiotics production. All stakeholders contribute to jointly define higher standards for reducing emissions that are verified, demand-driven and scientifically sound.

The release of antibiotics from manufacturing waste streams into the environment poses global health and business risks. Yet, it remains a challenge to bring about change for two reasons. First, there is a lack of jointly defined objectives and access to verified information that shows progress towards reduction in antimicrobial resistance. Second, there is a lack of enabling conditions that drive demand and incentivise improved industry practice.


2021 - 2023. Now inactive
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Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform

RAMP turns prevention of antibiotics manufacturing emissions into a business objective.

About RAMP

RAMP is led by SIWI in partnership with

Shawview Consulting
Shawview Consulting
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
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