The Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform, RAMP, seeks to set a new standard for the industry. Through the platform, procurers, regulators, and companies co-create the business case for responsible production of antibiotics.


To lead industry transformation towards responsible antibiotics manufacturing to reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance.


A global antibiotic manufacturing industry leading the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

The platform was first presented in India, a major manufacturing hub determined to reduce AMR-driving emissions from its production facilities. Since then, RAMP has attracted the interest of European countries that import antibiotics.


2021 - 2023. Now inactive

What makes RAMP unique

RAMP is a partnership between pioneers in the antibiotics industry and other stakeholders. The partnership engages members across the supply chain to demonstrate sustainable yet low-cost solutions. RAMP leverages change by defining verifiable, demand-driven and scientifically sound criteria for responsible antibiotic manufacturing.

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The World Health Organization has warned that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) could claim 10 million lives per year by 2050 and jeopardise many of the health gains made in the past century. In 2022, a Lancet report confirmed that ‘AMR is a leading cause of death around the world, with the highest burdens in low-resource settings’.

In May 2022, global leaders issued an urgent call for all countries to reduce antimicrobial pollution. This includes the safe disposal of antimicrobial waste from manufacturing facilities. Effluent from antibiotic manufacturing causes severe environmental pollution through residue in water and river systems contributing to AMR.

RAMP was launched in 2020, building on SIWI’s past work with pharmaceutical industries to reduce the spread of AMR. The platform was first presented in India, a major manufacturing hub determined to reduce AMR-driving emissions from its production facilities. Since then, RAMP has attracted the interest of European countries that import antibiotics.


For exchange of information, expertise and ability to co-create verifiable criteria for responsible antibiotic manufacturing in a trusted and mutually supportive platform.

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Our Team

Brendan Shaw, RAMP ConsultantBrendan advises and supports the Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform.
He is Principal of Shawview Consulting, advisory firm for the public and private sectors, with a focus on health and pharmaceuticals.. Previously, Brendan  held senior positions in the international and Australian pharmaceutical industry, and previously worked as a staffer in the Australian Parliament and an economist in the Australian government.
Brendan leads an advisory firm with focus on health and pharmaceutical sectors.

An Australian national, Brendan speaks English and a bit of French.

Nitin in a read sweater and glasses against a nature backdropNitin has 15+ years of experience in successfully delivering complex multi-million-dollar projects in the engineering and clean energy, and environmental infrastructure industries. Nitin is passionate about helping businesses run more efficiently. He has an MBA from INSEAD and MS from Virginia Tech and a B.Tech from Delhi College of Engineering.

Nitin has been part of the Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform (RAMP) team since 2019. He works across different workstreams of the project as a technical expert, helping antibiotics manufacturers better manage their waste streams.

Nitin is passionate about doing more with less and solving unique sustainability challenges.

An Indian national, Nitin speaks English and Hindi.

Siddhartha Prakash is a development economist with 24 years of international experience in the health, environmental and agricultural sectors. Siddhartha has worked with international organisations such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization and World Health Organization, as well as several international pharmaceutical companies and consulting firms. Siddhartha has substantive experience working in emerging markets in Asia and Africa, building public private partnerships related to poverty reduction, access to healthcare and AMR in the environment. He also runs an NGO ( to support migrant workers. Siddhartha holds a degree in geography from University College London and a masters in the economic history of developing countries from the London School of Economics.


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