Conference.12 Nov 2022, 10:00 - 11:30 EET

Building resilience from a multi stakeholder approach: science-based tools for adaptation

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Building resilience is a collective effort that requires a systems approach. It connects multiple components, including socio-economic, institutional and biophysical systems. This session brings together practical work from key organizations in this space.

Enhancing resilience with one aspect is not sufficient to build system resilience. We need to have a shared understanding of how individual stakeholders, ranging from local communities and businesses, to governments and other institutions, directly or indirectly engage in the process. We need practical tools and approaches to identify, act, measure, and report the impacts of resilience-building efforts. This session brings together practical work from key organizations in this space.

Water systems are vulnerable to climate and other shocks.

The degree of negative impacts are more severe in the global South and in regions which are not only vulnerable to the direct consequences of climate change (e.g., drought, flooding and water scarcity), but also have poor access to available technology and resources, and ability to finance these. To build long-term resilience, the socio-economic, institutional and biophysical systems need to be enhanced to persist, adapt or even transform in the face of such uncertainties. This adaptation requires reliable local data, robust analytical techniques, community capacity to plan adaptation strategies, and the resources (scientific, technical, cultural, and economic) to implement them.

The aim of this session is to support mainstreaming and upscale resilience tools and approaches globally.

The objectives of this session include:

  • Providing a snapshot of ongoing efforts by key organizations in building system resilience
  • Highlighting available resilience tools and approaches: WRAF, CRIDA, NBS etc.
  • A call to action around engaging with and supporting these initiatives
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12 Nov 2022, 10:00 - 11:30 EET
Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)
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  • Malin Lundberg Ingemarsson, SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute)
  • John Matthews, AGWA
  • Dr. Lan Wang Erlandsson, Stockholm Resilience Center
  • Dr. Ashok Chapagain or Dr. Gregg Brill, WRAF
  • Ms Francisca Muñoz, Center for Climate Science and Resilience Research (CR)2.
  • Bryce Bray or Lis Mullin Bernhardt, UNEP-DHI Centre
  • Koen Verbisr, UNESCO-IHP
  • Bisher Imam, UNESCO

Panel discussion

Moderator: John Matthews (AGWA)


  • Jason Morrison, WRAF
  • Malin Lundberg Ingemarsson, SIWI
  • Paulina Pia Lopez Alarcon, (CR)2
  • Anil Mishra/ Koen Verbist, UNESCO


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