Conference.12 Nov 2022, 11:30 - 13:00 EET

Accelerating action on water and adaptation

This UNFCCC side event will take a deep dive into the proposed theme Water for Climate, Resilience and Environment because it is well known that water and climate are inextricably inter-twinned with each other and alignment between those sectors is crucial in making the Water Action Agenda a success.

From COP27 to the UN 2023 Water Conference

Our climate is changing at an alarming rate. Increasingly visible, increasingly irreversible and increasingly devastating. It threatens our cities, environment, food supply, economy and life. It threatens billions of people. Climate change has an immediate impact on the water cycle: forty percent of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity. And in other parts of the world, increased flooding destroys homes, infrastructure and livelihoods. By 2050, more than half of the world’s population will be at risk due to water stress, flooding and desertification. Many parts of the world are already facing the reality of having too much, too little, or too polluted water.

We need to take action to change our course!

The event accommodates two panels to provide a podium for Member States and stakeholders to come forward with transformative commitments for the WAA that have the ability to shift our global trajectory towards a water secure world for all.

  • Panel 1: Water Resilience: Adaptation & Nature Based Solutions  
  • Panel 2: Water resources are pressured. Vulnerabilities are often driven, or exacerbated by water scarcity, quality and temperature.


  • Invite and inspire Member States and organisations in the run-up to the UN 2023 Water Conference to present commitments for the Water Action Agenda;
  • Encourage Member States and stakeholders to forge inclusive partnerships and enhance cooperation on water and climate.
Water and climateWater and the 2030 Agenda
12 Nov 2022, 11:30 - 13:00 EET
Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)
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Join us at COP27

To share new knowledge about water and climate, SIWI will be taking active part in the global climate conference COP27 between 6 and 18 November. Join our programme online to learn about a promising new generation of climate solutions.


UN 2023 Water Conference

In March 2023, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Tajikistan will co-host the first UN conference on water since 1977. This is the Midterm Review of the Water Action Decade 2018-2028. The co-hosts encourage stakeholders from all sectors to announce voluntary commitments as part of the Water Action Agenda (WAA). The WAA will be one of the main outcomes of the UN 2023 Water Conference and will support Member States and stakeholders to come forward with voluntary commitments to help accelerate the implementation of water-related goals and targets, such as SDG6.

This event is co-led with

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