Webinar.23 Nov 2022, 14:15 - 15:00 CET

Our Common Water Resources: Ensuring Water Resilient Cities

How can we plan, build and develop cities that are water and climate resilient? What hurdles do different actors face in this work, and what is needed to implement solutions?

landscape abstract city blur background and The light of sun reflection building on water.Panoramic and perspective wide angle skyscraper commercial modern city of future

Building water resilience is key to protect city infrastructure and communities from water-related risks, also to ensure water and sanitation services for all. Join us for this webinar on what urban water resilience means and what role different stakeholders have in this work.


  • Panchali Saikia, Programme Manager at SIWIWhat makes cities water resilient? What are the challenges and solutions in this work?
  • Lykke Leonardsen, C40 Cities & Program Director at the City of Copenhagen – What role do different actors have in building water resilience? How does collaboration between stakeholders aid this work?
  • Pär Svensson, Water Strategist at the City of MalmöHow does Malmö work with climate adaptation and strengthening water resilience? What can be learnt this far?

Moderator: Anna Tengberg, Senior Advisor at SIWI 

CitiesSwedish Water House
23 Nov 2022, 14:15 - 15:00 CET

About the ‘Our Common Water Resources’ webinar series

In a Swedish context, we have long been used to having access to freshwater, and it is often perceived as an infinite resource. But challenges such as too much, too little, and too dirty water are predicted to be more common in the future, both within Swedish regions and on a global scale. 

How do Swedish and global actors work with water resources? What are the solutions for wise water management? This fall 2022, join SIWI Swedish Water House for a webinar series on exploring how we can better manage our common waters.