Webinar.30 Nov 2022, 9:15 - 10:00 CET

Our Common Water Resources: Strengthening climate resilience in agriculture

How can we support climate smart agriculture through enhanced water resilience?

Water is key for ensuring food security as well as productive and sustainable landscapes. In fact, the agricultural sector is one of the biggest water users globally. But climate change impacts and rising competition for water resources are increasing the pressure on agricultural systems.

In what way is water part of the solutions for resilient and productive agricultural landscapes?
In this webinar we discuss the crucial role of water in agriculture: how water-wise solutions can strengthen agricultural systems and make them more resilient to the effects of climate change.

This webinar closes the series on Our Common Water Resources.


  • Anna Tengberg, Senior Advisor at SIWI
    Why is it necessary to adopt water-wise solutions in agricultural management?
  • Monica Nderitu, Regional Environment and Climate Change Advisor at Vi-agroforestry
    In what ways is agroforestry a water smart approach to farming?
  • Tette Alström, Physical Geographer and Local Water Planning in Agricultural Areas at Ekologigruppen
    How can irrigation wetlands strengthen the resilience of Swedish agricultural landscapes?

Moderator: Malin Lundberg Ingemarsson, Programme Manager at SIWI

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30 Nov 2022, 9:15 - 10:00 CET

About the ‘Our Common Water Resources’ webinar series

In a Swedish context, we have long been used to having access to freshwater, and it is often perceived as an infinite resource. But challenges such as too much, too little, and too dirty water are predicted to be more common in the future, both within Swedish regions and on a global scale.

How do Swedish and global actors work with water resources? What are the solutions for wise water management? This fall 2022, join SIWI Swedish Water House for a webinar series on exploring how we can better manage our common waters.