Seminar.21 Mar 2024, 13:00 - 16:00 CET

Water for food security in a changing climate

How can we boost Sweden’s food security despite increasing climate risks? Join our seminar and learn how we can reduce water-use in food value chains and learn from good examples.  Which ideas can we adapt to the Swedish context and scale up?

Ahead of World Water Day 2024, SIWI Swedish Water House, SIANI and SLU Global will arrange a half-day seminar to highlight the role of water in agriculture. The topic is timely as Swedish food producers and retailers face fast-growing water risks. The summer of 2023 was marked by both exceptional droughts and extreme rain events, causing harvests to drop by 30 percent. 

Unfortunately, the situation looks set to worsen. Climate change already impacts the water cycle, making farming more and more difficult. This is aggravated by poor water management and practices that lead to degraded soils. 

What is inspiring, however, is how much research and innovation have gone into reversing the trend. More resilient agricultural practices are starting to take root, not least in regions that have been affected by droughts or floods for a long time. There are already many on-the-ground approaches for water-smart farming in Sweden, as well as around the world, that we can learn from. 

With this seminar, SIWI Swedish Water House, SIANI and SLU Global want to create interest in new ways of climate-proof agriculture. We are proud to welcome a wide range of knowledgeable experts and hope for many interesting discussions. Join us to learn more and share your perspectives.

Practical information

  • Spoken language is English
  • The event takes place in Hörsalen at Medelhavsmuseet on Fredsgatan 2 in Stockholm, and will be livestreamed and recorded. 
  • Free of charge

Onsite registration

  • Registration for onsite participation closes 15 March (13:00 CET). 
  • In case of the need for cancellation – All cancellations must go through no later than 19 March. 

Online registration

  • Registration for online participation closes 20 March (13:00 CET). 
  • Online participants do not need to cancel if they can’t attend. 

An overview of the program (will be updated will details ahead of the seminar):

  • 12:45 Doors open 
  • 13:00 Welcoming notes 
  • Keynote speakers 
  • Panel discussion 
  • Case study presentations 
  • Fika break 
  • Group discussions 
  • Closing remarks 
  • 15:30- 16:00 Coffee mingle 
21 Mar 2024, 13:00 - 16:00 CET
Swedish Water House