Feb 15, 2021

Climate and Webinar Series: Why are we re-revisiting?

In February/March 2021, the UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility, Global Water Partnership, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation, and Cap-Net will deliver a 3-part series on water and climate.

The first webinar (18 February 2021) will focus on water interactions and the NDC process, the second (25 February 2021) will be focused on Implementation, with the third (4 March 2021) being concerned with Climate Finance, especially local sources. This series revisits many of the same themes as a successful series held by the same partners in July/August 2020.

The reason that the partners decided to revisit the series is that they want to continually stress that water and water-related commitments should be included in both adaptation and mitigation planning for the following reasons:

  • The inclusion of water into NDC’s provides the best opportunity for countries to consider the interactions of water within its climate change planning, enabling the mainstreaming of water into climate change planning.
  • Water resources may be a limiting factor for the expansion of many activities under proposed NDC’s, or the activities themselves may have significant impact on available water resources.
  • While some recent NDC’s may not include water or water-related activities or interactions, as countries address their commitments, water interactions will need to be considered during implementation.
  • There is increased recognition that preparing mitigation and adaptation projects in tandem, when appropriate, may offer significant cost savings as compared to undertaking such activities separately. Given that water and water-related activities often form the foundation to building community resilience, water’s role in mitigation should be strongly considered.

Further information about the webinar series, as well as links to the earlier series