Nov 28, 2013

Climate change adaptation in Viet Nam

In early November, SIWI delivered a series of climate change adaptation capacity building workshops across Viet Nam. Over 150 farmers and government officials were provided with current information on existing and anticipated climate impacts and knowledge on the potential changes for farming communities.

Training materials prepared by SIWI were translated into Vietnamese by the workshop partner, Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE). The presentations covered climate change in general, Sea Level Rise, and farmers’ perception of water and climate hazards and adaptive responses.

The purposes of the workshops were threefold:

  1. To share the findings of a one-year, exploratory study with officials and informants and gather feedback to establish whether  participants agreed with the findings;
  2. To increase the understanding of the local knowledge, perceptions and conditions;
  3. To promote discussion of what was presented during the workshop and of climate and adaptation issues specific for the province and commune.

An evaluative report of these workshops will be available in 2014.