Nov 22, 2013

SIWI honoured the King of Sweden with environmental play

Saturday November 23 arts, science, politics, business and royalties assembled at the Royal Dramatic Theatre for the unique play “För miljön i tiden”. The challenges for a living planet were in focus when H.M. King Carl XVI of Sweden was recognised for his environmental engagement during his 40 year reign.

Participating in the play were among others Sweden’s first environmental minister Birgitta Dahl, photographer Mattias Klum, artist Sofia Jannok and Johan Rockström, professor at Stockholm Resilience Centre. SIWI organised the play together with a group of leading environmental institutions and organisations.

The play took Dramaten’s audience on an emotional journey through four decades and into the future. Dialogue was mixed with acting, music and film clips to illuminate the most pressing environmental challenges.
Professor Johan Rockström emphasised that we are now at a point where the earth has started to send us signals indicating we have to change our unsustainable habits. “We have developed from a small world on a big planet to a big world on a small planet.”

By mixing arts and science, the play endeavoured to reach out further and broader. In the words of photographer Mattias Klum, “facts are not enough to make people leap from insight to action, and this is where art can play a key role. Picture and film are effective means to link the head and the heart and to touch people’s souls.”

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