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Fog and trees over water
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News.Apr 26, 2024

Join us on a journey through 2023

SIWI’s year in review is out. What was the process behind the development of this report? What discoveries were made? Get a sneak peak now.

Illustration of Henning Göransson Sandberg, SIWI expert by Cecile Pillon Hue
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Blog.Jun 19, 2024

What is the role of water in rural and urban school facilities?

Community garden in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso with green plantation sand trees in the foreground and 3 people taking care of the plants in the background
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Insight.Jun 11, 2024

Taking root: locally driven forest landscape restoration

Lara Nassar, Manal Sraideh and Moez Allaoui from SIWI welcoming a delegation from Ghana into the Jordan office
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News.May 30, 2024

SIWI Amman hosts Ghana representatives for WASH exposure visit in Jordan

Aerial view of a river winding between 2 hills covered with forest. A bright blue cloudy sky on the horizon.
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Insight.May 29, 2024

Water in landscapes: Co-creating climate resilience

Undersea view of fish swimming around a colourful coral reef
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Blog.Apr 10, 2024

Caring for our ocean from source to sea

Aerial view of a river joining the ocean at sunset with mountains in the background
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Blog.Apr 04, 2024

Join us for Source-to-Sea synergies at the Ocean Decade Conference

World Water Day seminar 2024
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News.Apr 02, 2024

Innovating water and food security

Group of people standing in formal attire
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News.Mar 20, 2024

Andrea Rinaldo joins Stockholm Junior Water Prize jury

Digital portrait of Julienne Ndjiki and Katie Golide-Ryder, by Cecile Pillon Hue
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Blog.Mar 20, 2024

What does it take to build peaceful water cooperation? 3 questions to Julienne Ndjiki and Katie Goldie-Ryder

Road bridge crossing a clam body of water at sunset
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Insight.Mar 19, 2024

Innovations leading the way to water and peace

A realistic image of the earth from space at night with light emissions from large urban areas and atmospheric haze. The center of the view is Europe. The image is a rendered 3d scene.
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Blog.Mar 12, 2024

There is no resilience in Europe without a water-resilient Europe

Illustration by Radhika Gupta showing 4 women climbing a mountain with a flow of water surrounding the mountain - a colourful volcanic explosion at the top.
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Blog.Mar 08, 2024

Depicting the collective energy of water women

Illustration of Kerry Schneider by Cecile Pillon Hue
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Blog.Mar 05, 2024

How can we build peace over shared waters? 3 questions to Kerry Schneider

Water tap locked to protect from stealing or drinking water
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News.Feb 28, 2024

Peace starts with WASH: 8 steps toward stronger governance

Illustration of Manal Manal Sami Alshraideh by Cecile Pillon Hue
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Blog.Feb 22, 2024

How does WASH contribute to peace? 3 questions to Manal Sami Alshraideh

An almost perfect circular lake shot straight down from the air resembles the earth surrounded by a pine forest
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Blog.Feb 14, 2024

The world can’t afford a water dry Summit of the Future

Question mark made of clouds over a large body of water and a bright cloudy sky with sun set.
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News.Feb 09, 2024

Water for Peace Quiz: How deep is your knowledge?

Irrigation canal system at the euphrates river in Syria near Dura Europos
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Insight.Feb 05, 2024

Leveraging water for peace

Sunset on the river embankment at summer evening with clouds and trees
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News.Feb 01, 2024

Water: A platform for peace in the tides of war

Aerial view of the Grande Comoro from the airplane
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Blog.Dec 21, 2023

Building climate resilience in Comoros

people standing in front of the COP28 backdrop
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News.Dec 20, 2023

COP28: Water rises up in the climate agenda

Ivan Sjögren, Manuel Eckert and Dani Gaillard-Picher standing in front of the Dubai City Expo at the closing of COP28, 2023
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News.Dec 12, 2023

Closing COP28: important strides for water

Planet Earth half-way under water
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News.Dec 08, 2023

Temperature check at COP28

Professor Malin Flakenmark holding a flower bouquet after a talk at World Water Week 2015
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News.Dec 06, 2023

Thank you, Malin Falkenmark

Aerial view of a river flowing into the ocean
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News.Dec 05, 2023

Collaborative climate action from the water and ocean communities