News.Apr 06, 2018

GoAL WaSH video in top four in ‘Voice of Citizens’ competition

Lotten Hubendick (Water Resources)
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Lotten Hubendick
Programme Officer,
Water Cooperation and Diplomacy

Five videos produced by WGF were successfully chosen for the final selection in the “Voice of Citizens” competition – aimed at raising the voices of stakeholders on water issues from all around the world. A total of 110 films from 26 countries were screened at World Water Forum 8, in Brazil. Following online voting, one of the films, from GoAL WaSH Bosnia and Herzegovina, was named one of the top four films.

Weak economic governance and poor infrastructure, caused by years of bad maintenance in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s water sector, is preventing satisfactory delivery and long-term sustainability of water services. The key long-term challenge in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s water sector is the lack of financial sustainability of water utility companies. The film, Regulatory Framework for Tariff Setting in Water Supply and Sewerage Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, presents what is being done to tackle this challenge.

“I am very pleased that attendees of the World Water Forum and visitors of the “Voice of Citizens” online portal had a chance to get familiar with the efforts which GoAL WaSH project is taking to improve the water sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will continue providing support to local authorities in order to secure better services to consumers throughout the country. We also hope that our story might influence others in the same situation and help start new initiatives,” says Alisa Grabus, UNDP, GoAL WaSH Project Manager in Bosnia and Herzegovina.