News.Mar 07, 2016

High-level workshops in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia

Water Governance Facility supports governments gaining awareness on potential integrity risks in the water sector

Alice Nassar Jaraiseh (Water Resources)
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Alice Nassar Jaraiseh
Programme Manager,
Water Cooperation and Diplomacy

To alert governmental agencies with regards to potential integrity risks in the water sector and in order to build a collective national response addressing the risks, WGF, IUCN-ROWA and GWP-Med, in association with the national partners conducted high-level workshops in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia. The high-level workshops were part of the MENA-Water Integrity Capacity Building programme and involved senior level decision and policy-makers from across the water sector institutions. Potential integrity risks were high-lighted and policy and institutional strengthening options were proposed and discussed. These high-level workshops were based on the integrity risk assessments that were undertaken in the five project countries in 2014 and the experiences shared during national trainings in 2015.

As governments in the region gain awareness and knowledge on the inherent issues of water integrity and the need for lasting partnership with civil society organizations and private sector, the programme considers the national discussions as fertile ground to strengthen national water integrity collective actions, where all stakeholders, from government, private sector and civil society, can play their part for more water integrity.