News.Nov 08, 2017

Importance of water knowledge and resilience for the achievement of SDGs raised at this year’s COP

During COP23 in Bonn, SIWI and AGWA are presenting the linkage between water and the achievement of several SDGs. In the two position papers, drafted by the AGWA policy group, the water, energy, and food interdependency as well as climate-resilient water resource management are stressed in securing sustainable food production and cities.

This year’s Water Action Day, which is co-organised by SIWI, will focus on strengthening water’s status in creating a resilient climate future for all. Water is not only the essential connector between focal areas such as Agriculture, Energy, Cities, Industry, Oceans, Biodiversity and Gender, it’s also a critical aspect of the global climate adaptation, mitigation and finance agendas.

SIWI are organising a number of events at COP23 discussing how to move from policy to action, as well as participating in panels and keynotes. For more information on all our engagements visit: