News.Dec 04, 2018

Improving integrity pays off!

Recently, SIWI's Pilar Avello, Virginia Mariezcurrena and Alejandro Jimenez were featured in the magazine of the Mexican Association of Water Utilities with an article on anti-corruption tools. There they write about companies who improve transparency and integrity increase their efficiency, while decreasing risks and operational costs.

Lack of integrity and transparency in a company is not only a moral issue but a very tangible one with economic consequences such as increased costs, financial and reputational risks and uncertainty. The article summarizes several tools that are available to address these risks, such as the Integrity Management Toolbox (IMT) or the ISO 37-001. The IMT facilitates a change process that helps companies decrease internal and external risks by developing good practices. It has been applied in more than ten countries in ten continents with satisfactory results.

Read the full article in Spanish on page 30, here.

Much of SIWI’s work on combating corruption and promoting integrity is carried out by the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI. Here we work directly with country and regional partners to promote tools and policy that promote greater partnership and transparency. See examples of our work here.