News.Oct 23, 2013

SIWI hosts Indonesian study visit focused on climate, forestry and sustainable tourism

October 13-18 SIWI hosted an Indonesian delegation during a study trip focused on climate, forestry and tourism in Sweden. As the group travelled from Övertorneå in the far north to Linköping in the south, valuable insight into Swedish forestry management was gained and a valuable partnership grew stronger.

The study trip is part of Sida’s Partner Driven Cooperation (PDC), a method for development aid that is based on mutual interests for cooperation. The aim is that PDC between Swedish partners in selected countries will stimulate sustainable relations, which in the long run can contribute to poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

SIWI has been appointed as facilitator in the PDC with Indonesia, and forestry, climate and tourism were identified as focus areas in preceding workshops. The week-long trip was packed with visits to state forests, private forest associations and municipalities engaged in ecotourism, providing a broad overview of how Swedish forests are governed.

The idea was for the Indonesian partners to experience real-life examples of sustainable forestry management and tourism activities that they could bring home. Ultimately, the trip can help Indonesia to a more sustainable forestry and reduced emissions of climate gases.

Photos from the field

Field Visits