News.May 31, 2021

Join us as a Junior Rapporteur for World Water Week 2021

Contemplating if you should apply to become Junior Rapporteur for World Water Week? Hear from former rapporteur Chipango Kamboyi. He says the knowledge gained can be used “to develop great ideas for transformation or even solve that one problem that everyone in the sector has been looking for”.

Apply to become a junior rapporteur at World Water Week 2021

The last day is 11 June 2021.

Former rapporteur Chipango Kamboyi encourages everyone to take this opportunity.

Kamboyi is a Zambian residing in Sweden, working as a freelance environmental consultant. He has worked with international NGOs, and diverse stakeholders. He describes rapporteuring at World Water Week as an extremely memorable experience, where one of the highlights was meeting the Stockholm Water Prize Laureate Dr. Jackie King, a world-leading river expert.

Can you tell us of your experience as a Junior Rapporteur for the World Water Week?

I had the rare privilege to work as Junior Rapporteur in the 2019, the last physical World Water Week event before corona hit. The experience was simply marvellous and a moment in my life that will forever be cherished, indelible. I interacted and met people from diverse backgrounds and almost every region of world, it was great. Life-long friendships and professional networks were forged during that week. I made contacts from 20+ different countries.

I witnessed the world’s greatest brains and talents in the water sector gather in one place, but also most importantly, the event also provided platforms for most marginalised groups, lay persons, water enthusiasts and everyone felt one and appreciated. Everyone’s opinions and contributions mattered and were all considered.

Has it changed the way you perceive water and related problems or solutions?

Absolutely, in only positive ways 100 percent. The lessons from World Water Week only ignited more desire in me to contribute more to water issues and related problems and solutions. Prior to attending the event, my knowledge of the water sector was limited and narrow. However, during and after the event, I saw an array of opportunities one could engage in depending on their interests.

Why would you encourage others to apply to be rapporteurs?

World Water Week is not a one-time water event; out of it one can create life-long networks. The knowledge acquired can be used to develop great ideas that may transform the water sector or solve that one problem that everyone in the sector has been looking for, you learn a lifetime of information under one week of diverse engagements. You create friendships with people from all over the world. In addition, being a Junior Rapporteur during the event puts you on the spotlight, people get interested to know more about you and may just land you that dream job or career you are hoping for. Lastly, having a World Water Week Junior Rapporteur badge added to your CV, is like adding icing on a beautifully made young upcoming water expert cake.

This year, World Water Week will go digital. It means that one can participate from anywhere in the world. Do you have any advice for our incoming rapporteurs?

Go for it and shine, seize the opportunity with a smile on your face. Make true and reflective summaries of the sessions and participants you are involved with. The global water community will most definitely salute your efforts, individually and as a team of rapporteurs. Do not be shy to participate in discussions and debates, make your voice heard. Remember it is the one who writes the true, correct, and good summaries that is remembered when thousands of diverse people gather to give opinions and thoughts on many issues.

Name: Chipango Kamboyi

Lives in: Stockholm

Background: Grew up in Zambia and has formal training in Wildlife Management, Water, Sustainability, Ecology, and the Environment from:

  • Zambia Copperbelt University
  • Linköping University in Sweden
  • Short courses at SDG Academy universities

Experience: Has worked with several international NGOs like WWF Zambia/Sweden, Hydroc Consult and Birdwatch

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