News.Aug 25, 2021

Meet the Stockholm Water Prize Laureates

An absolute highlight of World Water Week is the award ceremony for the world’s most prestigious water award, the Stockholm Water Prize.

On 25 August you can join the ceremony where H.M King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will present the 2020 Stockholm Water Prize to Dr John Cherry and the 2021 Stockholm Water Prize to Sandra Postel.

The Stockholm Water Prize Award Ceremony, at 4pm CEST, can be followed online but you must be registered to World Water Week. Here you can register for free and get access to the Prize ceremony as well as hundreds of other interesting sessions; the Week ends on 27 August at 7.30pm CEST.  

Immediately after the award ceremony follows the Meet the Laureates session with an interesting conversation between the two of the laureates who are both world-leading experts on freshwater. Dr John Cherry is awarded for having established a new academic field that studies groundwater contamination while Sandra Postel receives the Prize for having transformed our understanding of freshwater and conservation. They have both dedicated much of their professional lives to making the world aware that we are at risk of experiencing a global water crisis. A session not to be missed!  

But there is of course a lot more happening at World Water Week on Wednesday August: 

  • There are 88 different sessions in the programme today, starting at 7am CEST. Whatever you’re interested in, there should be something for you.  
  • Don’t miss today’s six networking sessions (available with a Networking Pass) where you can engage in Speed networking (at 8.10pm CEST) or discuss the five challenges at the core of the Week in the Collaborate sessions: Transforming our Value Chains (11.10am CEST); Rethinking Our Cities (9.10am CEST); Working Together with Nature (4.10pm CEST); Building Resilient and Fair Societies (4.10pm CEST) and Investing in Systemic Change (12.10pm CEST). 
  • This year marks 30 years since World Water Week and Stockholm Water Prize started. On 25 August you should join the talk show SIWI Corner on the topic 30 Years Later. There we explore how profoundly our view on water has changed in these past three decades – not least thanks to the work of the Stockholm Water Prize laureates. Tune in at 5pm CEST. You should also not miss the day’s first SIWI Corner, where we discuss the links between Water and Peace, 9am CEST.  
  • SIWI’s Scientific Programme Committee is organizing nine three-part seminars during the Week to further explore this year’s theme Building Resilience Faster. Check the programme for sessions tagged Seminar.  
  • We hope that you are following World Water Week’s two Accelerator programmes. Together with Grundfos Foundation SIWI is organization a series of interesting sessions on Communications and Behaviour Change – today we you can enjoy two sessions on the topic: Changing Engrained Behaviours and Established Narratives at 9.30am and 5.30pm CEST and More than Words at 12pm CEST.  
  • If Leadership in Business is more your thing, we have an Accelerator for that as well, organized together with the Government of the Netherlands. Today’s two sessions on that theme are What if water restoration leveraged tech to achieve scale? at 5pm CEST and Impacting society through smart data-enabled water ecosystems at 6.45pm CEST. 

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