News.Oct 05, 2017

Pilot projects to tackle drought in Jordan moving ahead

In September, the GoAL WaSH programme in Jordan, under the patronage of the Minister of Environment, signed grant agreements with three NGOs for pilot projects on drought management. The projects will be implemented at municipal level, and will seek to bridge the policy making process with practical measures on the local level.

The GoAL WaSH programme will support the government to strengthen the national drought governance system, and to promote a more systematic approach to drought response planning and management. A national drought resilience strategy and action plan will be developed and an early warning system will be established in the most vulnerable areas in the country. The three pilot projects will help to operationalize the draft national drought action plan.

In Um Rummana Village the project aims to provide sufficient supply of irrigation water for home-grown fruits and vegetables by using modern water-saving technologies and integrating them with those are traditionally used. Furthermore, a tailored awareness-raising programme on the best drought-tolerant plants will be initiated.

In the Azraq area, the pilot project will seek to ensure that the natural rangeland habitats within and around the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve can be ecologically and economically sustained through watershed management. Effective techniques related to drought management will be used to maximize the use of rain water in feeding the vulnerable wildlife of the area, whilst promoting more sustainable use of the natural pastoral lands.

Jordan is the second most water scarce country in the world. Water supply is based on a rationing system to cope with the deficit and ensure equitable distribution. Drought in Jordan has a detrimental impact on the water resources. The nature, location and scale of drought effects have yet to be thoroughly investigated.

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Photo credit: RSCN