Jan 18, 2016

Poul Due Jensen Foundation new Founder of Stockholm Water Prize

The support of the world’s most prestigious water award, Stockholm Water Prize, grows stronger as the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, owner of Danish pump company Grundfos, becomes a new Founder of the Prize.

As of 1 January 2016 SIWI welcomes the Poul Due Jensen Foundation (Grundfos Foundation) as a new Founder of Stockholm Water Prize – the world’s most prominent award for outstanding achievements in water-related activities.

“SIWI is delighted that the Poul Due Jensen Foundation has become a Founder of the Stockholm Water Prize. Its commitment to help provide access to safe water globally is highly commendable. We look forward to working together with the Foundation towards a water wise world.” – Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director, SIWI.

The Prize honours individuals or organizations whose work contributes broadly to the conservation and protection of water resources and to improved well-being of the planet’s inhabitants and ecosystems.

Last year the Stockholm Water Prize was awarded for the 25th time. The silver jubilee was celebrated with an extra festive atmosphere during the 2015 World Water Week with fun and informative events such as art shows, experiments, games and mini-seminars.

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation owns approximately 88 percent of the Danish water pump company Grundfos and donates grants to support projects within humanitarian aid, social inclusion, research and innovation. Water projects account for approximately 75 percent of the grants.

“Water and the moving of water has – via the ownership of Grundfos – been key to the establishment of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation’s fortune. What could hence be more natural than for the Foundation to be addressing one the world’s most pressing challenges of providing access to safe water and to show our support for the voices of this agenda through the sponsorship of the Stockholm Water Prize?” – Christian Hartvig, Executive Director, Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

The 2016 Stockholm Water Prize laureate will be announced on World water Day, 22 March, by SIWI’s Executive Director Torgny Holmgren.

As Founder, the Foundation donates 1 million SEK, subsequently contributing an annual fee of 150 000 SEK to the Stockholm Water Foundation.

For questions, please contact Christian Hartvig, Executive Director of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, the Foundation’s representative in the Stockholm Water Prize Founder’s Council.

Phone: +4523732636

For more information about the Founders, please contact Louise Heegaard, Fundraising Specialist at SIWI.

Phone: + 46 812136046