News.Aug 22, 2016

Reliable information needed to improve rural water supply in Kyrgyzstan – a new statistics form developed

In June more than 70 district staff of the National Statistical Committee and heads of Rural Drinking Water Users’ Unions in Kyrgyzstan underwent a two-day training on a new form of statistical reporting for drinking water in rural areas.

The form has been developed with support of the UNDP GoAL WaSH programme and was put into use in 2015.

The government has committed itself to ensure that every citizen has access to water. The National Statistical Committee is collecting data on the basis of which decisions are made. After all, if we cannot measure something, we cannot manage it effectively. Therefore, specifically for the village, a statistical reporting form was developed, which is called 1 – Drinking water in rural areas. On the basis of these data, we can manage more effectively the sector of water supply in rural areas,” says Ms. Kanykei Orozbaeva, head of the statistics department of sustainable development of the environment of the National Statistics Committee.

The head  of the department of drinking water supply and sanitation of the State Agency for Architecture, Construction and Housing and Utilities Ms. Shayyrgul Orozbakieva also agreed on that: The country has 633 rural drinking water users’ unions which manages water supply systems in the and they have to report on the conditions of these systems. As a result of the new statistical form we will have a picture of the state of water infrastructure in rural areas: technical specifics, which villages have water-supply, state of pipes, leaking and etc.”

This is the first training on statistical reporting in 2016 for the northern regions of the Kyrgyzstan. Within the next month trainings for the southern regions of the country will be carried out.