News.Sep 01, 2015

S2S Platform at World Water Week: The Swedish Minister of International Development Cooperation on “Source to Sea Management for sustainable growth and development”

At the S2S event at the 2015 World Water Week, the Swedish Minister of International Development Cooperation highlighted the importance of understanding system linkages from upstream to downstream in her keynote address.

Jakob Granit, GEF/STAP and SEI, presented the work currently undertaken by GEF/STAP and SIWI in collaboration with the S2S Platform, discussing the importance of “Governing key flows in a Source to Sea Continuum”. The subsequent panel discussion between the Minister and representatives of GEF Secretariat, UNDP, FAO,  Zennström Philanthropies, GWP and Orange-Senqu River Commission emphasized the need to consider land-river-sea linkages to enable the realization of many of the Sustainable Development Goals and highlighted the importance of learning from the experiences made in coordinating the management of land, water, coastal and marine resources from different parts of the world.