Sep 03, 2014

SIWI and IWA to strengthen cooperation

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and International Water Association (IWA) have agreed to start cooperating on a global level in a number of areas where they share objectives, such as promoting the science, evidence base, policy and practice of sound water supply, sanitation and water resource management.

The two organisations already have a longstanding relationship, as IWA has been invited to recommend candidates to the Stockholm Water Prize, Stockholm Industry Water Award and Stockholm Junior Water Prize award committees.

“There are great possibilities with a closer cooperation between SIWI and IWA in a world where water is getting more and more attention. Given that our two organisations have somewhat different activities and audiences relating to water, I believe that by combining our skills and know-how we can together become even stronger in contributing to a water wise world,” SIWI’s Executive Director Mr. Torgny Holmgren said after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with IWA Executive Director Dr. Ger Bergkamp during World Water Week in Stockholm.

SIWI is a Stockholm-based international policy institute that generates knowledge and informs decision-making towards water-wise policy, performs research, builds institutional capacity and provides advisory services.

IWA is a global network of water professionals which aims to connect people with diverse backgrounds to generate innovative solutions and new opportunities to tackle urban and basin-related water challenges. The IWA pioneers science and furthers technological innovation.