Dec 02, 2015

SIWI at COP21 in Paris

SIWI’s aim in attending the COP21 climate meeting in Paris is to contribute to efficient climate action by translating water knowledge into global policy. SIWI provides suggestions on how resilient water management can be integrated into the UNFCCC programmes and implementation mechanisms.

SIWI has been actively engaging in climate negotiations since 2009. This year, SIWI is a key member of the #ClimateIsWater initiative – a collaborative effort involving the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA), World Water Council and many other actors to raise the profile of water in the global climate negotiations.

SIWI and the #ClimateIsWater initiative key messages

  • The impacts of climate change are most often felt through changes in water
  • Water is a connector, not a sector, and it offers solutions
  • Failure to address the relationship between water and climate puts our future in jeopardy
  • The water community offers holistic expertise that can support strategies to tackle climate change

Download our full key messages. Follow us at COP21 at @siwi_water, #siwicop21 and #climateiswater