Oct 31, 2016

SIWI at COP22: Water solutions for climate resilient cities

Cities can play an important role in tackling climate change mitigation and adaptation, as they consume close to two thirds of the world’s energy and account for more than 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. On November 8, 2016, SIWI and the City of Stockholm will host an event exploring successful mitigation and adaptation initiatives for climate and water resilience in cities.


Cities are a driving force in the global economy; more than 80 per cent of the global GDP is generated in cities (World Bank, 2016). As cities expand we’re faced with social and environmental challenges including growing demands for water, sanitation, energy, food and infrastructure. However, within the challenges of rapid urbanization and climate change, lies opportunity. Investments in climate resilient water infrastructure can save cities millions by reducing the impacts of floods and drought. Therefore, robust green infrastructure planning and water wise climate investments are necessary.

Event Objective:

The event will highlight climate challenges facing emerging cities and megacities. We will present water wise initiatives that help cities mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change, as well as illustrate measures to increase adaptive capacities.

This event will be webcast by Nordic Co-operation. Visit their website for more details.

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