May 19, 2014

SIWI partners with the Global Green Growth Forum

The 3GF provides an annual summit meeting of high level green growth leaders from governments, the corporate sector and international organisations willing to take leadership in this transition towards green growth.

SIWI, together with the 2030 Water Resources Group and the DHI Group, are running the track on public-private partnerships related to water resources management. Private sector partners currently involved are Nestlé and Coca-Cola who are, amongst other efforts, working on initiatives for more sustainable coffee growing in Vietnam and multi-stakeholder watershed planning.

“Partnerships form great opportunities for demand to meet supply on water resources, where levels of efficiency, productivity and effective distribution can proliferate. 3GF embodies a significant opportunity to catalyse such innovative management constellations.”  said Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director, Stockholm International Water Institute

The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) was initiated by the Danish Government in collaboration with the governments of China, Kenya, Mexico, Qatar and Republic of Korea and a number of leading businesses and international organisations.

The purpose of the 3GF is to:

  • explore new avenues for promoting and scaling up green growth by connecting leaders from different sectors.
  • demonstrate ways to realise the potential for long term green growth through the development and show casing of concrete public-private partnerships that can bring green growth to scale.
  • provide a platform for carrying forward major public-private initiatives such as G2A2, Friends of Rio, SE4All.

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Is your company or organisation interested in partnering with SIWI to launch a public-private partnership?

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