News.Sep 01, 2013

SIWI chapter published in UNESCO book on water cooperation

The chapter “Transboundary water management – why it is important and why it needs to be developed” by SIWI’s Dr. Anders Jägerskog has been published as part of a recently launched UNESCO book. 

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The publication “Free Flow – Reaching Water Security Trough Cooperation” brings together a broad range of water professionals and stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences. The chapters investigate progress and challenges encountered in the fields of water management and cooperation around the world.

In his contribution, Dr. Jägerskog argues why developing approaches that balance interdependencies of transboundary waters is a matter of high importance. His article also shows how qualitative cooperation, joint management and open communication is critical for successful transboundary management. He outlines that water has rarely been the root of conflicts, but can be an exacerbating factor where social and political tensions already exist. While transboundary cooperation is often difficult, experience has shown that sharing a resource as precious as water can be a catalyst for cooperative behaviour rather than conflictual.