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Kerry Schneider (Transboundary Water Center)
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Kerry Schneider
Senior Programme Manager,
Transboundary Water Cooperation
Screenshot of the double-page of Malin Falkenmark's interview in the Waterfront magazine, in 2014
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In 2014, Kerry Schneider interviewed Malin Falkenmark to reflect on her career as an hydrologist.

At almost 90 years old,  and 25 years after retirement, she was still looking for more problems to solve.

“I’ve always had a problem in the back of my mind and the mind never stops working.”

Prof. Malin Falkenmark, 2014

For her, solving problems – water problems – is what brings joy. Her passion for discussion and detangling complex problems has touched many fellow water professionals in the past several decades. Her presence; tall, always impeccably stylish, with pearls around the neck and glasses pushed up on the forehead, is near iconic.

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