ICWC 2021-2026 strategy provides basis for cooperation on shared waters

Karin Gardes (COO)
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Karin Gardes
Chief Operating Officer,
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With a fresh six-year agreement with its partners, ICWC launches a new strategy for 2021 - 2026 to improve cooperation among shared waters, economic development, security and welfare among developing countries.

Okavango delta (Vadim Petrakov / Shutterstock)
Okavango delta (Vadim Petrakov / Shutterstock)

The International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC) launches its new strategy 2021-2026, aiming to “contribute to sustainable governance and management of shared water resources by improving cooperation on such resources, based on science for mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

At the centre of the strategy is the “Theory of Change”

The theory posits that through science, it will create knowledge on sustainable management of shared resources. This is turn could support relevant actors to make “informed decisions, and increased willingness and ability to cooperate on shared waters for the benefit of socio-economic development.”

Its anticipated outcome is “improved water cooperation, with positive effects at national and regional levels, which should ultimately lead to less tension and conflict”.

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This is ICWC

ICWC is the first UNESCO Category II Centre focused on water cooperation for peace and regional development.

About ICWC
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The new strategy was born out of a new agreement among the Centre’s partner organizations

Following a rigorous evaluation and renewal process, a new six-year agreement for ICWC have been entered into by the parties. The Centre is supported, financially and intellectually, by the Swedish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, as well as through a grant from the Government of Netherlands.

ICWC will also continue to collaborate with key partners such as the Department of Peace and Conflict at Uppsala University, the UNESCO water family and stakeholders in selected regions.

Download the ICWC Strategy 2021-2026


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