Stockholm Water Front No 1 2015


The first issue of 2015 covers some highly current topics. SIWI’s Josh Weinberg describes how big cities by the coast get squeezed between upstream activities and seas affected by climate change. How will they cope? Is there any hope for coastal megacities? Read our cover story on page 5.

For the interview, we managed to pin down the new head of São Paulo Water, Jerson Kelman, to ask how one deals with the worst drought in generations. Read his thoughts on page 8.

In the Analysis, Mike Young, arguably the world’s foremost expert on water trading, describes how Australia has worked to develop its water trading.

Pervaiz Amir wrote this issue’s Opinion, on urban water challenges in South Asia and how to meet them: Turning the Titanic, on page 13.

And last, but never least, Moa Cortobius gets the Last Word. She reminds us that gender strategies in water projects, if not properly thought through, can have a most unwanted effect when implemented.

March 2015