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The Shared Waters Partnership works to support water diplomacy processes, engaging a wide range of stakeholders. Here are some voices from participants:

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Kerry Schneider (Transboundary Water Center)
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Kerry Schneider
Senior Programme Manager
Transboundary Water Cooperation
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“Attending events related to this topic and being surrounded by a community of water management and dam experts is vital for a journalist like me. I can listen to researchers and experts discussing the topic, and I can pose questions to them on the sidelines of the event, which helps me hone a story idea to send to my editor.”

Rehab A. Almohsen, Nile basin based Journalist, quoted in The Niles

“The Network is getting stronger and stronger, like for example when I participated at the recent Renaissance Dam Negotiations…I found out that we were very few [women] in the three delegations, we are about four or five women but we had something in common between us because we were with you [SIWI]…we are one group – a Network. If that continues that will be very good for the negotiations.”

Ambassador Nadia Gefoun, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sudan, remarking in a network event

“I would like to thank SIWI for organizing such important and helpful workshop, and my special thanks for arrangement of side meetings among countries representatives who have similar challenges/experiences about water management and water diplomacy. It was a really good opportunity for us to benefit from very comprehensive presentations and highly qualified expertise contributions during the workshop. While I personally appreciate SIWI's valuable efforts for capacity building in water diplomacy, I strongly recommend similar programs in future as well.”


“The opportunity that Shared Waters Partnership provides for senior negotiators to share experience in an informal environment provides an important tool to water diplomacy processes across the world.”

H.E. Dr. Hassan Janabi, Former Minister of Water, Republic of Iraq