The Shared Waters Partnership programme offers a dialogue platform, knowledge, and tools to strengthen transboundary water cooperation. Managing shared waters sustainably gives countries a chance to prosper, despite emerging threats from environmental degradation and climate change.

At a time of growing water scarcity, good water governance is critical. In much of the world, this requires cooperation over shared rivers, lakes, and aquifers.

The Shared Waters Partnership supports this by raising awareness of the many benefits of cooperation over shared water resources and encourages the development of cooperative management frameworks.

Finding common ground for water cooperation is often a step-by-step process. Through the Shared Waters Partnership, SIWI facilitates dialogues, offers advice on trust-building mechanisms, and supports engagements that enhance the enabling environment for transboundary cooperation.

Adaptative, flexible, and demand-driven, the Shared Waters Partnership is a global multi-donor programme currently supported by Sweden, USA, the Netherlands, and UNDP.

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Kerry Schneider (Transboundary Water Center)
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Kerry Schneider
Senior Programme Manager
Transboundary Water Cooperation
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“The opportunity that Shared Waters Partnership provides for senior negotiators to share experience in an informal environment provides an important tool to water diplomacy processes across the world. ”

H.E. Dr Hassan Janabi, Former Minister of Water, Republic of Iraq