Hélène Le Deunff

Programme ManagerWater and Sanitation

Hélène Le Deunff [elɛn lə dœ̃f] is a Programme Manager with the Water and Sanitation Department. She provides support to the development and operationalisation of SIWI’s WASH governance activities.

Before devoting her work to SIWI in 2022, Hélène worked for the private sector, NGOs, academia, and as a consultant. As a manager of development projects, Hélène has worked for international, inter-governmental and national organisations around the world. She spent seven years living, studying, and working in Asia, five years in the Pacific and four years in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. She is passionate about making multi-species relationships ethically and politically significant in the governance of water and of WASH services.

Hélène’s educational background includes a PhD in Environmental Humanities from the University of Sydney (Australia) and a BA in politics from the Institut d’Études Politiques (France). Hélène works in French, English, Swedish, and Russian.