2021 | Cyprus | Water issue adressed: Too dirty

A novel advanced treatment process for the removal of antibiotics from wastewater

Antibiotic consumption in the latest years has increased rapidly, especially in my country. Cyprus records the second highest antibiotic consumption in the EU.  

Antibiotic over-consumption can result to bacteria being resistant to antibiotics, therefore posing them as ineffective and creating a tremendous problem when managing bacterial infections.  

My project aims to eliminate antibiotic residues from wastewater, using biochar, a charcoal-based material from sludge and manure, as an antibiotic absorbent. The biochar prepared was examined on four different antibiotic substances, with significance absorption rate. 

Finally, my project suggests a possible small scale proposal of implementation of biochar.  

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

It all started when I was helping at my mom's pharmacy over my summer holidays. I noticed that the number of antibiotic prescriptions was outrageous. Thus, I became curious to find out if my country indeed has an excessive antibiotic consumption and if this affects the ecosystem and specifically water.