2021 | Spain | Water issue adressed: Too much

Design and construction of an irrigation system powered by renewable energy

The principal objective of this project is to design, develop, and if it’s possible, make an automatic irrigation system that works from renewable energies. For this reason, the necessary energy would be provided by a solar panel. The project is divided into three parts:

The first one consists on developing a study of the land and drawing up a map of the orchard

The second one consists on making all the necessary calculations to carry out the project.

And finally the third one consists on building the irrigation system physically, from the data obtained from the first and the second part.


Having into account the aforementioned objectives, this project aims to design an irrigation system for a vegetable patch and construct it, considering that it collects rainwater and has a submerged pump. To construct this system, which is the final objective of the work, it must be taken into account that the installation budget is affordable.


The practical performance has been divided into the assembly of the irrigation and the installation of the local power plant, which would be the solar panel.