2021 | Israel | Water issue adressed: Too little

Feasibility of Integrated Fish and Algae Offshore Farms

In my research I examined the potential of algae cultivation in close proximity to marine offshore fish cages, creating an integrated farm model, which produces animal and plant protein, using negligible quantities of freshwater resources.

The results proved Ulva algae to be suitable for use as a biofilter, which reduces the environmental negative impact of offshore fish cages by assimilating excess nutrients and nitrogenous compounds emitted from fish production. Cultivation of algae and fish in an integrated system may reduce inland beef, poultry, and vegetable agriculture, thus significantly reducing the use of fresh water, potentially saving hundreds trillions of liters of water annually.


This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

The school I learn in is a Maritime School. 3 Kilometers away from my school, in the waters of the Mediterranean sea, there is an Offshore Fish farm. The proximity to the farm alongside diving near it during school activities gave me the inspiration for the project.

Ania Andersch
Programme manager
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