2022 | Canada | Student: St. Patrick's Catholic High School

Annabelle Rayson

My name is Annabelle Rayson and I’m a grade 11 student who is passionate about improving the world around me, helping people and solving problems. I’m a competitive curler, volunteer youth curling coach and member of my school’s curling team. I play the violin, viola and alto saxophone and perform in my school’s concert band. I’m the Chair of the Sarnia Shoebox Project, a non-profit charity that provides holiday gifts for homeless women and the Co-Chair of my school’s Social Justice Club. I sit on my Member of Parliament’s Youth Advisory Board and the Ontario Youth Environment Council. I have participated in science fairs for 8 years, attending 3 Canada Wide Science Fairs, with projects focusing on environment and sustainability.

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

In Canada, there are a variety of water concerns. Our freshwater environments are under attack from invasive species, plastic pollution, nutrient pollution, chemical spills, harmful algae blooms, and decalcification. These factors result in the destruction of biodiversity and freshwater ecosystem health and has detrimental health and economic effects on Canadians.