2022 | Switzerland | Student: Liceo Cantonale di Lugano 2

Martino Camponovo

Hi everyone, I\’m Martino and I\’m currently a chemistry and biology student in Switzerland. I love nature and everything that is connected with sciences! In my free time I play the guitar and go hiking in the Alps. 

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

Generally in Switzerland we have water with very good qualities. Despite this, global warming is causing glaciers, our country's main water supply, to melt. In addition, the increasing use of pesticides in agriculture is causing problems for the water table and aquatic fauna.

This is what I think is one of the solutions for a sustainable future:

For a sustainable future, we should ensure greater use of renewable energy sources. To do this, however, it will be necessary to develop new technologies that allow us to solve the great problems that these methods of energy production still present today. For example, it will be necessary to develop systems to temporarily store the energy produced or production systems that are less invasive on the environment (think for example of the damage caused by hydroelectric plants to aquatic ecosystems).

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