2022 | Republic of Korea | Student: Yongsan International School of Seoul

Seojin David Lee

Hello! My name is Seojin David Lee, and most people just call me David. I love to play the piano, sing, run track and cross country, and create algorithms and computer programs!

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

A major water concern in South Korea is the growing presence of antibiotics in the water in the environment. For example, antibiotics have been found in major bodies of water like Paldang Lake, which is a man-made body of water that acts as a supplier of water to several regions in the country. This is a devastating issue as antibiotics being present in the environment is known to cause and accelerate the process of more and more bacteria evolving to become antibiotic-resistant, and the presence of more and more antibiotic-resistant bacteria means the less and less useful antibiotics will become, especially in South Korea.

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