Voting principle

Since 2020, you have a chance to name your favourite project among the Stockholm Junior Water Prize finalists. Last year, over 55 000 votes were received for the People’s Choice Award. Do not miss this opportunity to vote this year!

Choosing and placing your vote is simple:

  1. Watch the videos. These will give you ideas what the projects are about. If you wish know more, you can also read the participants’ scientific reports.
  2. Vote your favourite project by clicking on “Vote for this project”. Voting is open until 15 August.
  3. You can only vote once, i.e., one email, one IP address = one vote. Please do not use any professional services to vote, e.g., using apps or IT companies to generate fake email addresses to vote. These votes will be disqualified.
  4. The winners of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the People’s Choice Award will be announced  during World Water Week.