Every Drop Matters conducted one project in Kyrgyzstan which focused on efficient irrigation practices

Building capacity for climate change


In Kyrgyzstan, projected impacts of climate change are likely to make existing water scarcity challenges more severe. With generally poor irrigation infrastructure and weak local development planning there are real dangers of lowered agricultural and economic production. To respond to the challenge, improved cooperation, coordination and capacity in efficient water management is needed for farmers and local Water Users Associations (WUA).Through training provided to nearly 200 people, successful demonstration of water saving irrigation techniques and the development of new models for integrating climate change into development planning, this project built capacity for sustainable, resilient growth in Kyrgyzstan.


  • Provided training to nearly 200 people to improve management capacities of WUAs on water accounting, asset management, efficient water-use technology and climate adaptation planning
  • Developed new models to integrate climate change into development planning for review by the national government
  • Successfully piloted improved irrigation techniques, saving 7,900 m3 and creating a replicable model for other communities

Project detail

Title Capacity building of government institutions and civil society organizations for promotion of climate resilient and sustainable development planning
Implementation period 2013-2014
Implementing agency UNDP Kyrgyzstan
Location Batken Region
Budget 74,456 USD (EDM: 58,485 / Co-financing: 15,971)

Partner and contributors

  • UNDP Kyrgyzstan
  • Dary Water User Association
  • Karabak Water User Association
  • Dary Governate
  • Karabak Governate