As the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) have drawn to a close, so too has Every Drop Matters (EDM). Since 2006, both Coca-Cola and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) committed to identifying and supporting solutions to these challenges targeted by MDG 7. The convergence of this mutual commitment provided the basis for the development of EDM.

Taking stock of its achievements, EDM has produced two reports. The synthesis report details all of EDM’s global projects, and the accompanying short report covers highlights from throughout the programme.

Initially starting out as a regional programme, EDMs demonstrated success led to its expansion into a long term global partnership. Since 2010, this global programme has been a catalyst for protecting and replenishing water resources, helping communities gain much needed access to safe water supplies and sanitation, and improving water use efficiency. Not shying away from piloting novel solutions, its focus has always been to promote sustainable, cost-effective and replicable ways of managing water.

As the MDGs drew to a close in 2015, EDM has now wrapped up its activities. Both the MDGs and EDM are now closed, but there are still great challenges and opportunities to be made within progress to their respective goals. The global community still has a great way to go in addressing the many problems it faces. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in 2015, are the road map for tackling these problems.

Both UNDP and Coca-Cola recognize the continued power of partnership in tackling development challenges. So, whilst EDM is complete, its mission is not. New World: Inclusive Sustainable Human Development Initiatives, a new partnership programme between UNDP and Coca-Cola is a natural extension of EDM. Within the new sustainable development agenda the programme builds on, and enhances, the focus of EDM.