Water scarcity is a great issue within UAE, to which technological solutions have been applied. However, improving community awareness of local and global water issues can reduce the dependence on these technologies. Every Drop Matters focused on increasing awareness of efficient water use.

Activating agents of change

Remarkably for an arid country, per capita water use in the UAE is three times higher than the global average. While the nation’s ability to provide this abundance of water through large supply infrastructure and desalinization systems is an impressive technical achievement, it is also very expensive and unsustainable. To build awareness and a culture of water saving, this multi-generational EDM project engaged the succeeding generation to lead the way as agents for change in their households and communities.

In its first phase, it developed a series of creative and effective educational programs on sustainable water and energy consumption and the impacts of climate change that engaged 2,000 students and their teachers in 215 schools and 64 colleges. It further worked to instill good water conservation practices, responsible management of energy resources and climate informed action through public campaigns and diverse activities reaching nearly 10,000 people with civil society, decision makers, as well as the public and private sectors, including 200 companies.

The second phase of the project built upon this momentum through a series of student (targeting young persons aged 10-22) and teacher workshops; public speaking and drawing competitions; and public events that attracted the participation of more than 100 schools and 125 organizations. As a result, hundreds of students vowed to be vocal advocates in their communities for water conservation and environmental protection, activating a commitment that will last a lifetime.


  • Delivered educational workshops and outreach activities on environmental sustainability for 2,000 students and their teachers in 215 schools and 64 colleges
  • Initiated student competitions on environmental public speaking and drawing
  • Engaged more than 200 companies through participation in exhibitions and in-house events to promote water and environmental sustainability
  • Advocated water conservation to nearly 10,000 people through community lectures, public events and social media
  • Educated children to be agents for change for water conservation in their homes
  • Provided tailored workshops to nearly 600 students and 100 teachers on water stewardship and climate change
  • Arranged drawing and public speaking competitions with more than 900 students
  • Engaged 125 public and business organizations to improve water management

Project details

Title: Adaptation to climate change through water conservation
Implementing agency: Emirates Environment Group
Location: Dubai
Budget Phase 1: 102,000 USD (EDM: 60,000 / Co-financing: 42,000)
Budget Phase 2: 103,000 USD (EDM: 60,000 / Co-financing: 43,000)
Implementation period: 2011-2014

Partner and contributor

  • Emirates Environment Group