21 Sep 2017, 8:45 - 0:00 UTC

Agri4Dev Conference session “Water in Transforming Landscapes”

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative (SIANI) are pleased to announce the Agri4D 2017 Conference. This is a two day event for researchers and professionals working with and/or interested in agriculture for development that takes place on 20-21 September, 2017.

SIWI Swedish Water House and IFS (International Foundation for Science) lead the session “Water in Transforming Landscapes” on 21 September (described below). For the full program, please visit the conference website ( http://www.siani.se/event/Agri4D2017).

Climate change, a growing world population and rapidly expanding patterns of consumption and energy use increase the pressure on natural resources. Sustainable forestry and agriculture in line with current levels will not be enough to secure future food, water and fiber needs as the demands increase. Restoration of the world’s vast areas of degraded lands into productive and resilient landscapes is crucial and must integrate blue and green water strategies to ensure water resilience and productivity in the landscape. More attention to, and better understanding of, the complex interaction between water, forests and agriculture is greatly needed. By exploring scientific, practical and governance aspects of hydrology and green water management we aim to provide practitioners with tools that facilitate landscape restoration and productivity. Abstracts on scientific and/or practical studies, projects and initiatives contributing to landscape restoration, green-water management and hydrology are welcomed. Governance initiatives, studies or projects are also welcomed.

Venue: SLU – Campus Ultuna
Venue address: Almas allé 10, Uppsala
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08:45   Welcome
Lotta Samuelson, Program Manager Swedish Water House, SIWI Swedish Water House

08:55 Key note
Nighisty Ghezae, Director of International Foundation for Science, IFS

09:15    Presentation of case studies

Case 1. “Assessing the scope for resilient crop yields through rainwater management under rainfall variability in sub-Saharan Africa” – Mats Lannerstad

Case 2.  “Success and Challenging factors to enhancing rural community resilience to drought through Rainwater harvesting in Bugesera in Rwanda” – Lazare Nzeyimana

Case 3.  “Smallholder farmer’s willingness to pay for improved irrigation water: Contingent valuation study in Mashonaland Central irrigation schemes, Zimbabwe” – Innocent Vomitadyo

Case 4.  “A new technology for optimizing plant available water and nutrients in root zones of permeable soils” – Alvin Smucker 

Case 5.  “Springshed approach to water management for mountain communities in the Transboundary Kailash Sacred Landscape” – Pradyumna Rana

10:30  Coffee

11:00  Presentation of case studies

Case 6. “Sustainable Energy Energy Generation through Wastewater: A situation in the Urban City of Lagos, Nigeria” – Mr Buraimoh Oluwatosin Gabriel

Case 7.  “Blue Targeting – a forest planning tool for riparian buffer zones” – Lennart Henrikson

11:30 Discussion
Moderators: Lotta Samuelson, SIWI Swedish Water House, and Nighisty Ghezae, IFS

11:55 Concluding remarks
Anders Malmer, Director SLU Global




21 Sep 2017, 8:45 - 0:00 UTC