Conference.02 Dec 2023, 15:00 - 16:15 GST (GMT+4)

Young Professionals Debate

The first Young Water Professional’s Debate at COP28 showcases the future leaders and thinkers in the water industry . Join us as we hear arguments around the day’s theme of Knowledge, Innovation and Technology and how we can use technologies and innovations to meet the UN’s SDGs and NDCs.

Young professional debate panel sitting on stage at World Water Week 2023, clapping their hands and laughing
Young Professional Debate at World Water Week 2023

The global water sector is facing unprecedented challenges that require solutions now. But how can we best bring these solutions to scale? Should we prioritise speed of implementation, or move cautiously given the risk of things going wrong? Do we need step-change innovations, and if so, how can we make this successful? What do we even mean when we say ‘innovations’? This debate will unpack both the term and our approach to it in a dynamic, exciting way, drawing on the experience and position of professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

SIWI’s Manuel Eckert will be among the young debaters. With other panelists he will argue around the following motion:

“We have all the innovations and technology we need to meet the UN SDGs and NDCs relating to water, we just need to scale them!”

By platforming youth voices, we hear from the thinkers and leaders of the future; those with new ideas and fresh perspectives that are needed for tackling the most complex problems. Aligning with the COP Presidency’s call to leaders to “engage with young people and work with us to ensure their voices are heard”, this debate provides a platform for such voices in an engaging way.

We will hear arguments for and against the motion from the participants in an opening brief speech and closing summary. With opportunity for audience questioning and rebuttal, this debate will be highly interactive. At the end of the session, the winning team will be crowned – those who have managed to sway the most votes. But the true winners will be the audience who have a front seat in the exploration of this complex and fascinating topic!


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02 Dec 2023, 15:00 - 16:15 GST (GMT+4)
Dubai (UAE)
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