News.Oct 14, 2016

Climate Standards Board Approves New Standard for Climate-Resilient Water Bonds

The Climate Standards Board has approved a new standard for climate-resilient water bonds. The “Water Climate Bonds Criteria” are a key segment of the Climate Bonds Standard and provide investors with a verifiable, science-based screening process to evaluate bond investments earmarked for sustainable water-based infrastructure projects.

Co-ordinating the development of the criteria is Lead Specialist, Dr John Matthews, Secretariat Co-ordinator for the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) – a network hosted and chaired by SIWI.

Earlier this year, SIWI co-developed the world’s first certified green bond under the Water Climate Bonds Standard. Read our previous news item here about this historic development.

Want more information about the Water Climate Bonds Criteria? You can view the full press release here or download the FAQ.