May 25, 2015

Dr. Marian Neal (Patrick) presents on architecture of TWM at World Water Congress

Dr. Marian Neal (Patrick) from the ICWC at SIWI presented on ‘The international architecture for transboundary water management’ in Scotland last week.

The session:

Getting the best out of the global water conventions: Recent times have witnessed two major milestones in the evolution of international law relating to transboundary watercourses, namely the entry into force of the UN Watercourses Convention in August 2014 and the opening up of the UNECE Water Convention to all UN member states.   If sufficiently supported and effectively coordinated within and between the conventions parties, these two global framework instruments can play a critical role in strengthening the equitable and sustainable management of the word’s transboundary waters.

See following links for presentations by Dr. Marian Neal (Patrick) and Dr. Aaron Wolf from Oregon State University.

Dr. Marian Neal’s (Patrick) presentation (*pdf)
Dr. Aaron Wolf’s presentation (*pdf)

The session was convened by The Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science, University of Dundee (under the auspices of UNESCO)