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Final call for nominations for the 2024 Stockholm Water Prize

Nominate someone who deserves to be honoured by receiving next year’s Stockholm Water Prize.

Katarina Andrzejewska (World Water Week)
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Katarina Andrzejewska
Nominating Committee Secretary,
World Water Week and Prizes

Just a few weeks remain before the 30 September deadline to submit nominations for the prestigious prize. So do not hesitate, take a look at the award categories and nominate someone you feel is deserving of the award using the Stockholm Water Prize Nomination Form.

The Stockholm Water Prize recognizes individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the sustainable use and protection of the world’s water resources. We welcome nominations from all parts of the world and strongly encourage the nomination of women candidates.

The Stockholm Water Prize contributes to expanding our understanding of water and to making new ideas more widely shared so that they can influence policy and practice. Nominees may therefore be involved in scientific research, water policy, environmental journalism, or be a practitioner, NGO-coworker etc. And as the water world is rapidly evolving, we are actively broadening our scope to include many different specialities. Indeed, nominees can represent a whole spectrum of water-related projects, activities, or sciences.

Nominate for Stockholm Water Prize

Do you know someone who has made outstanding contributions to the sustainable use and protection of the world’s water resources?


Anyone can submit a nomination and the procedure is simple using the online form.

Be explicit when describing what the nominee has done to make themselves stand out.

What is the nominee’s most important contribution? What makes this nominee memorable? What specific activities, situations, or contexts provide examples of how the nominee has made a difference? What impact did the nominee’s contributions have on others?

These narratives paint a picture that helps the Nominating Committee best assess the nomination.

The winner will be be announced in March 2024.

The Stockholm Water Prize

The Stockholm Water Prize is the world’s most prestigious water award. Learn more about the history of the Prize, the trailblazing laureates, and how you can nominate your water heroes.

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