Jul 05, 2013

New report: Mapping of Financial Support to Transboundary Water Cooperation in Africa

A new report from the Africa Working Group of the EU Water Initiative, hosted by SIWI, Mapping of financial Support to Transboundary Water Cooperation in Africa recommends that Transboundary Water Resources Management and its high potential contribution to socio-economic development and poverty eradication receive full policy attention from international development partners.

Despite an increase since 2007 of the resource flows supporting management of transboundary waters in Africa, it still represents less than one per cent of the entire Official Development Assistance spending in 2011. Far from all development partners make support to development and management of international water basins a priority of their assistance to the water sector in Africa.

The report therefore recommends that the donor community works together with African basin organisations for a more coherent, concerted and equitable approach to financing support to the management of shared water, complementing initiatives already funded by basin member states.


Read and download the report in English.

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